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My name is Matt and I'm here to guide you to a better way of living through Essential Oils and Natural Wellness!

I have been in the wellness industry for over 15 years and I pleased to be involved with DoTerra offering a wealth of experience. After running my own business for a decade in the health industry I had seen so many opportunities come and go. After taking a close look at Doterra I realised there was something incredibly unique here.  A company with high integrity and products of exceptional standard.

You will find that Doterra oils are of the highest quality and you really notice the difference they offer to your wellbeing. I use the oils in my work with Sue (My mother) at her wellness clinic in Concord, using the oils with massage and Aroma Touch. I see the difference and improvement that daily use of the oils has for both emotional and physical wellbeing.

By choosing to incorporate Essential Oils into our lives, we're consciously choosing to create a natural approach to our homes and lifestyle. We open the door that allows us to utilise natural solutions to support our emotions, our health, cleaning & more. Making the switch to natural solutions and products such as Essential Oils gives us the tools to support our needs on a greater level.    


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